Applying To College

There are few moments in a student's academic and personal journey as stressful and uncertain as college applications. Where should I apply, how should I frame my essay, what ACT or SAT score do I need, how far ahead should I start planning.....

All of these aspects of the journey we are here to help you with! Through our customized and comprehensive approach we will turn the process from stressful to enjoyable!


Part 1- discovery 

During the discovery phase we work directly with students and parents to form our plan for what schools will be applied to. We then review all academic achievements and discuss standardized test and subject test plans.


part 2- strategize

During the strategy phase we begin direct and customized preparations for the application. This may involve subject tutoring, standardized test tutoring, writing lessons, and interview preparations. 


part 3- apply

During the final part, the application is completed with direct oversight from your individual tutor to ensure it best exemplifies all of the student's academic and personal accomplishments.